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Flash Wireless

Frequently Asked Questions & Support Resources

Managing Your Account Online

Manage your account online with Flash Wireless! The quick, and easy way to access your account information and make changes to your services with Flash Wireless.

MyAccount online allows you to access or make changes to the following:

  • Contact information (address, contact phone, email address)
  • Update your password or PIN
  • Authorized Users
  • Payment information
  • Billing history and cycle
  • Usage (data, voice, SMS) from previous months or current month
  • Change your plan
  • Activate a new phone
  • View and download Call records
  • Order a new SIM card
  • Complete a port request (transferring your number)
  • and much more!

To login, use your home/work computer or from your smartphone you can navigate to www.flashwireless.com and the login page is on front of the main page. You can also conveniently login from the Support page after reading our FAQs.

If you are having issues accessing MyAccount or you need to regain access because your username/password combo is not working, simply click on the Forgot Password link below the login button and follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your username, which is your Account Number or Phone number
  2. A challenge code will be sent to the email on your account and to your primary phone number
    • If you are unable to access your email, you will need to contact Flash Wireless via chat or email for assistance
    • If you are unable to access the primary phone on the account, you will need to contact Flash Wireless via chat or email for assistance
    • If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. You can also click on “Resend” to send another email challenge code, but we recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before trying this step.
  3. Once you enter the code successfully, you will be asked to enter a new password
  4. Follow the Password Requirement instructions and you will password will be updated immediately
  5. Login using your Account Number or Phone Number as the username and your new password

Some things to keep in mind – MyAccount does not support multiple profiles, which means that there can only be one password per account no matter how many phones you have on a family share plan. So even though everyone can use their own phone number as the username, the same password must be used. Usernames will always be the Account Number or Phone number and can’t be changed or updated at this time.

When requesting a password reset, the text message is sent only to the primary on the account. For Family Share plans, this is the line that is billed as the primary line on your bill. For accounts that have multiple individual plans, the primary is the oldest number on the account.

MyAccount makes it easy to view, update, or add new cards on file for your monthly service and other charges.

Once you are logged into MyAccount, simply click on Account Summary and you will see a section titled Payment Info. Click on the Edit button in the top right corner to update your card on file or enter a new one.

You must keep a card on a file with Flash Wireless at all times and will be unable to delete any card on file – the information can only be replaced. You can only have one card on file at a time, and this card will be used per our Terms and Conditions for monthly recurring and any one-time charges and fees.

A FlexWallet is a running balance that is included at no additional cost when you first activate or transfer in a new Flash Wireless phone number. The FlexWallet is used as a virtual wallet to allow you to benefit from additional features and services like for international long distance calling, directory assistance, and purchasing more high speed 4G data allowance.

When you first activate with Flash Wireless we provide at no additional charge $10 for individual lines or $20 for a Family Share plans to top off your FlexWallet. This top off will allow you to immediately use services that have additional costs or fees, and those charges will deduct from the FlexWallet balance instead of charging your card on file for each separate occurrence.

Flash Wireless will allow you to keep deducting from your FlexWallet balance until the balance reaches $3.00, and at this time Flash Wireless will automatically charge your card on file an amount necessary to fill your balance back to the original FlexWallet top off amount ($10 for individual plans, $20 for Family Share plans). FlexWallet spending limits and a maximum number of refills to top off the balance can be set by logging into your MyAccount. The default amounts are 5 refills for a monthly maximum amount of $50.00.

If at anytime you are required to make a payment to top off your FlexWallet balance due to usage that has affected your balance, and your payment fails, your Flash Wireless service will be suspended. Your service will remain suspended until the balance has been collected to return your FlexWallet amount to the top off level required ($10 for Individual plans, $20 for Family Share plans). FlexWallet balances between $3.00 and the top off amount will roll-over to the next month, so you get to keep your unused balance.

Most Flash Wireless customers do not use their FlexWallet balance, but even so FlexWallet can’t be cancelled or removed and is required for every Flash Wireless subscriber. You may also be required to top off your FlexWallet balance immediately if you request certain changes to your service, such as a mid-month plan change, activating a new device, or cancelling a feature or service.

Flash Wireless bills each month on the same date, known as your billing cycle, and can also bill you additional charges mid-month depending on any optional features or services you use. Only the email on the account is sent a statement for every bill, and we do not offer paper bills at this time. You can change the email registered to your account by logging into MyAccount online and entering your updated email address. Once you are logged into MyAccount, you can also view your billing history, payment history, and monthly and optional charges as far back as 2 years. Your payments and statements are also available for you to download.

Flash Wireless also offers previous month usage and current cycle usage, so you can manage your data and other services closely. This data is sortable by month and by phone number, and is available for up to 2 years prior. Please keep in mind that any current cycle activity is not finalized until the end of the cycle, and any International long distance calling charges can take up to 2 billing cycles to be applied to your FlexWallet.

For additional assistance, please contact a Flash Wireless specialist by chatting with them during operating hours or sending an email to our support team.

Billing Questions & Account Issues

Flash Wireless is a prepaid service which charges you a monthly recurring fee that must be paid in advance each month on your cycle date for your services to continue. The most common reason your services may be interrupted are due to a missing monthly payment or performing activities that result in one-time charges that go unpaid when they are due. While Flash Wireless allows a brief window to ensure your payment processes, we will suspend your service if prompt payment is not received.

If your service is suspended and it is related to payment, simply login to your MyAccount and a banner at the top of the page will indicate how much payment and how to restore your services. Be sure the correct card is on file before attempting to restore service, or you can update the card information before a payment attempt is made.

For additional assistance, please contact a Flash Wireless specialist by chatting with them during published operating hours or sending an email to support team.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time! While you are able to keep any plan you currently have as long as you like, there are advantages to switching to the most current plans as they can offer additional Data, more features, additional coverage, or save your money when you switch. In addition, performing certain activities when you have an old plan may require you to select the most current plan in order to complete your request.

To make a change at anytime to the most current plan, login to your MyAccount to manage your current services. Once you are logged in, select Manage Your Plan and Features and you will be able to select eligible plans.

Keep in mind you can make these changes effective immediately (beneficial if you are moving to a higher Data plan as you will immediately gain the pro-rated benefits) or at the start of your next billing cycle (beneficial if you are downgrading your plan so your next monthly charge will be the new plan rate).

Some situations may require you to contact our Flash Wireless specialists to assist your plan change, that is because certain phones or plans require additional attention in order to complete changes. If you are prompted to change your plan and run into any issues or no plans are available to select, please contact a Flash Wireless specialist by chatting with them during published operating hours or sending an email to our support team.

Flash Wireless has a free app, that includes many features to enhance your wireless experience. The Flash Wireless app is available in the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. For more information and download links, please click here.

The Flash Wireless website is also mobile friendly and can be viewed from most smartphones, tablets, or a PC.

Flash Wireless will send you notification and updates related to your account usage and marketing materials related to your plan, phone type, or other features. If you have a Family Shared plan, only the primary number will receive text messages, and email alerts are sent to the address registered to your account. For your peace of mind, text message alerts related to your wireless activity are never charged to you and do not count towards any monthly plan allowance.

The types of alerts we send could be one of the following:

  • Usage alerts (Data, SMS, or roaming usage for example)
  • Service and Device Activation Instructions
  • Payment confirmations
  • Refund confirmations
  • Upcoming bill payment reminder
  • Low balance/monthly spending limit alerts
  • Suspended line notification

You are unable to opt-out of some alerts from Flash Wireless as they are related to your activity, for example when you have used up your data allowance or payment confirmation. There are also other messages we are required to send you per our TOS or by law, these will not contain any opt-out measures. If you wish to opt-out of any other applicable message types, simply respond with “STOP” to any text message or click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

By default, all new orders placed will have Data Boost off. This means that once you have used up the high speed data allowance, your data will continue with reduced speeds until the start of your next billing cycle.

Flash Wireless offers a selection of plans that include some with no data allowance, all the way up to 22GB of high speed 4G data with our Unlimited Data plans for individuals. Family Share plans can either share the high speed data allowance or will have an individual limit per line, depending on which plan you have selected.

To help guide you on which plans may fit your needs the best, we have a Data usage estimator that can be accessed if you click here.

As with all Flash Wireless plans, unlimited use does not mean unreasonable use. Unlimited data plans are subject to the Flash Wireless terms and conditions of service as well as the Acceptable Use Policy.

Device Questions & Troubleshooting

All devices should be checked to ensure they are compatible with the Flash Wireless network before you attempt to activate. Flash Wireless maintains a list of devices and features necessary in order for your phone to work properly on our network, and this list is updated every day while we test devices to ensure the best possible experience with the Flash Wireless network.

If you have a device you want to place a new order with, or want to activate a device on your existing number, see the below instructions to check before you proceed:
Flash Wireless Green Network – Click here
Flash Wireless Yellow Network - Click here

Getting a new phone can be exciting! Most Flash Wireless customers routinely change the phone they use, and Flash Wireless makes this simple by giving you control to make the request and activate the devices on your own.

If you are placing a new order and receiving a new phone from our Best Buy partnership, instructions will be included with your shipment. However, if you already own a phone and want to place an order with it or activate it on your existing number, see the instructions below:

Click here for our activation step by step guide.

Flash Wireless allows you to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) onto our network, but not all devices may be compatible.

Reasons why your device may not be eligible are that some devices have technology that is no longer incompatible, some devices will not connect to the correct towers, and some devices no longer are being supported by their manufacturer and so your experience may be impacted. In addition, there may be billing reasons why your device is not compatible such as an existing financial obligation on the device, the device may have been reported on the List/Stolen list, or the device is already active with Flash Wireless.

If the BYOD Compatibility tool shows that your device is not compatible with Flash Wireless, you will need to obtain a different device. All devices sold through www.flashwireless.com or our Best Buy portal are compatible with Flash Wireless because we check them first and ensure only compatible devices are made available to you.

For service on Flash Wireless, you must use a Flash Wireless branded SIM card for the specific network you wish to use. If you do not have a Flash Wireless branded SIM card and you would like to bring your own device or if you buy a new device from www.flashwireless.com, you will be provided the option to receive one at no cost. You also have the option to enter your own Flash Wireless branded SIM card if you already have one.

SIM cards normally can only be used once per phone number. In addition, not all phones use the same sized SIM card. The Flash Wireless branded SIM card you receive may be specific fit for your phone or will be a three punch version that contains all the sizes for you to select.

For a listing of SIM card sizes and the devices they fit, please see the SIM card Size Guide below:
Flash Wireless Green SIM card size guide – Click here
Flash Wireless Yellow SIM card size guide – Click here

Flash Wireless support specialists have been trained and use many different kinds of devices and can answer questions about functionality, especially in regards to using Flash Wireless service like activation, voicemail, data management, and international calling.

But every year more and more phones are released with more and more features, and the simplest way to navigate what your phone can do is to follow a guide. Flash Wireless provides a guided tutorial on the most popular devices, from Android phones to Apple phones, and even tablets. You can follow along with the instructions with a visual of your phone, and learn about new features, updated abilities, and how to manage your phone settings.

To start your experience with our guided tutorials, follow the link below and select your device type:

Click here for Phone Guides and Interactive Tutorial Support.

  1. Select your phone manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc)
  2. Select your phone model (Galaxy S9, iPhone 8, Motorola G6)
  3. The page will auto load to the Tutorial main page with guided links on the left
  4. You can use the search function at the top left corner to find a guide for your specific question

Features & Number Transfer (Porting) Questions

If you have a data plan on your Flash Wireless account, High Speed Data Boost (or Data Boost for short) enables you to automatically pay for and receive 1 GB of additional high speed data when you use all of your plan’s data. This is a great way to ensure you can still have access to any of your data needs until your bill cycles and your data allowance is reset!

As long as you have Data Boost enabled on your account as soon as you use your plan’s allowance of data you will be automatically charged for 1 GB of additional data. This can occur multiple times per billing cycle and is under your complete control. To turn this feature on or off at any time, simply login to MyAccount online and adjust the feature. Keep in mind that each number on the account can be individually set, so your experience is at your control!

Some things to keep in mind with Data Boost:

  • Unused data does not rollover from one billing cycle to another
  • Data Boost is not transferable between different accounts
  • Data Boost can only be shared if you are on a Family Share plan, individual plans are unable to transfer Data Boost
  • Data Boosts occur automatically so there’s no need purchase in advance
  • Data Boost charges can be controlled by dollar amount or number of charges per billing cycle by logging into your MyAccount online profile

Yes, mobile hotspot is available! Depending on your plan, hotspot may be included at no additional cost or is an add-on option for an additional amount per month. Mobile hotspot data usage counts towards your monthly data plan allowance, and may also be restricted to a specific amount each billing cycle.

If you have used up your data allowance of Hotspot before your next cycle beings, you may have the option to add more data for Hotspot. This depends on your plan type. You will need to contact Flash Wireless for rates and to purchase additional hotspot data allowance.

Keep in mind that you must have a hotspot capable device (iPhones and most newer Universal Android devices) for hotspot to work. For guidance on how to activate and configure hotspot usage on your specific phone, please check out the device guides by clicking here.

Flash Wireless plans are not intended for use as a way to replace your home or business internet.

Effective August 1, 2019, Flash Wireless will no longer offer International Roaming while you are travelling outside of the United States. Domestic roaming is available, and depending on your plan may be included at no additional cost.

Some Flash Wireless plans may allow you to making International calls from the United States to a wireless or landline phone in another country. By default, all International calling has been turned off when you place an order with Flash Wireless. To turn on International calling, login to MyAccount online to have the feature activated.

Depending on your plan type, Flash Wireless may offer optional International Calling packages. However, if you opt to make international calls without a package then you will be charged the pay-as-you-go rate for international calling. These charges are billed to your FlexWallet.

Flash Wireless Green – Click here for International calling rates
Flash Wireless Yellow – Click here for International calling rates

Everyone who activates a new number or transfers their number to Flash Wireless will have voicemail automatically included and will need to setup their voicemail. You only need to do this one time, but until completed no one will be able to leave you a voicemail.

Your voicemail setup can be accessed with just a few steps. For most devices, simply pressing and holding down the number one on your dialpad will automatically call your voicemail. If this does not work, you can simply call your own phone number you’re your phone and you will be sent straight to your voicemail system. Some phones have a visual voicemail setup, in order to see how your phone works with Visual Voicemail follow the Device Guide and Tutorial link by clicking here.

Once you have started the setup process, follow the instructions below when prompted:

  1. Set up your new password by choosing a 4 to 10 digit number.
    • You may be asked to enter the password a second time to confirm
  2. You will be given the option to record your name as a greeting or to use the standard greeting
  3. You will be given the option to keep the standard voicemail prompt or to record a personal prompt
  4. Confirmation message will appear and now your voicemail is ready for use.

If you are having problems accessing your voicemail, check the following:

  • Do you have good 4G signal coverage where you are located?
  • If you are connected to WiFi, can you access other websites or apps to use data?
  • Are you able to call anyone from your phone successfully?
  • Can someone else call your phone number and leave you a voicemail?
  • Have you checked to ensure your data is turned on or that you are not in Airplane mode?

Answering “no” any of the above may indicate a temporary issue related to your location or your setup, and checking to see if the problem persists over time or trying again in another location can help. Flash Wireless support specialists are able to also troubleshoot your Voicemail feature, but depending on what is needed to solve the problem your Voicemail may need to be completely reset – which may mean losing any stored voicemail and having to complete the setup process again.

Ordering & Account Support

Yes you can! Flash Wireless makes this as simple as possible, during the order process you will have the option to have a new number assigned to you or transfer your service from another provider.

The information needed to complete the number transfer includes:

  • Your existing 10 digit wireless phone number
  • What carrier your number is coming from
  • The account number (found on the bill or by contacting their Customer Care)
  • Your name as it is displayed on the bill
  • PIN number (typically this is a 4-10 digit number)
  • Verizon customers must provide a Number Transfer PIN. A Number Transfer PIN can be generated using one of the following methods:
  • From Active Verizon Device: Account Owner/Manager dials #P-O-R-T Shortcode from their device. Customer will receive an SMS after authentication and qualification with a link to click to Create the PIN.
  • From My Verizon Account: Log into the My Verizon account and select the Number transfer PIN option from the My Profile page. Follow the steps on screen to create the number transfer PIN.
  • From the My Verizon App: From the Account Settings menu select Number Transfer PIN. Follow the steps to create the Transfer PIN.

Transfers from a wireless carrier to Flash Wireless typically complete within a few minutes, but in some situations can take up to 4 hours for a response from your previous carrier. Keep in mind that once a transfer occurs, your service with your old carrier will immediate end – please contact your previous carrier if you have any questions on what that might mean as we would be unable to provide you those details.

After you submit your order, Flash Wireless will email you that your port is complete or if any issues have occurred, along with instructions on how to resolve any conflicts by logging into your MyAccount online.

Some special situations do exist, see below for examples:

  • If you purchased a new phone with your order, we will delay the transfer until you receive and activate your new phone
  • If you are transferring a wireline number to Flash Wireless, it can take up to 10 business days for your previous landline provider to release the number to us
  • The number you are transferring must be in good standing and active with your previous carrier in order to be transferred, if any issues occur we will delay the port request until you can make contact with your old carrier to address the issue

Flash Wireless is committed to preserving your privacy and safeguarding your personal information and other sensitive details. We have a process behind the scenes with other wireless carriers that can help resolve issues, but we will only share details of your transfer request with you and not other parties, except where required by law.

You are able to take your Flash Wireless number to another wireless or landline carrier as long as you are in good standing and the number is active with Flash Wireless at the time of the transfer out request. The other carrier will need you to provide at minimum the following details, which are all accessible after you login to MyAccount online to view:

  • Your Flash Wireless 10 digit wireless phone number
  • The account number (found on the bill or login to MyAccount online and view under Account Summary)
  • Your Flash Wireless PIN number (can be changed by logging into MyAccount online)
  • Your name as it is displayed on your Flash Wireless account or bill

Please click here for the Flash Wireless returns and cancellation policy.

To cancel at any time, please contact Flash Wireless Customer Care using online chat or you may text 888-226-2141 to request to cancel your service. Please be aware that only the account owner can cancel service, authorized users are unable to make cancellation requests.

If you are in a contract for service with Flash Wireless, there is an early termination fee of $350 for Smartphones and $175 for basic phones. The Early termination fee is reduced by $10 for each full month of service for smartphones and $5 for each full of service for basic phones. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

Effective October 1, 2019, Flash Wireless will no longer accept new orders for Business Plans. Please visit the Flash Wireless consumer plans page to review our currently available Flash Wireless services.

For a description of all taxes and fees associated with your Flash Wireless service plan, please visit our Taxes and Fees Information Page by clicking here.

Flash Wireless also charges a one-time activation fee when signing up for new service. For individual line plans, the one-time activation fee is $27 per line. For Family Share plans, the one-time activation fee is $40 per account – which means adding additional Companion lines to a Family Share plan up to the maximum limit can be done without an activation fee. This activation fee applies only when ordering new service from Flash Wireless, and is waived if you transfer carriers within Flash Wireless.

Legal & Contact Information

Please be aware of wireless scams that could affect your service. The FCC provides guides on what to be aware of and helpful tips to keep you or your family safe from potential risks. These guides can be view by visiting the FCC website or by clicking here (WARNING - this is an external link and you will be navigating away from Flash Wireless).

Flash Wireless will never contact you and ask you for your social security number. Flash Wireless does need to verify you when you contact our Customer Care experts, but will help you reset your security information if you are unable to remember them or believe your information may have been compromised.

The California Emergency Disaster Relief Program is designed to help our California business and residential customers who experience a housing or financial crisis due to a disaster keep vital services and receive support in the wake a disaster in California. When then Governor of California or the President of the United States declares a State of Emergency and the related disaster has resulted in the loss or disruption of the delivery or receipt of services provided by the Company, or has resulted in degradation of those services, the Company will, upon request, provide mobile phones for customers seeking shelter from a disaster to use temporarily, and will consider additional relief measures as appropriate based on the circumstances.

Flash Wireless is committed to preserving your privacy and safeguarding your credit card and other sensitive information. Click here for more details.

Please visit the Acceptable Use policy by clicking here.

Please visit the Terms of Use policy by clicking here.

Hearing Aid Compatibility information is available by clicking here.

Chat with us by clicking the “Chat With an Expert” button at the bottom of your screen
Available Monday – Friday 9am to 9:00pm Eastern Time
After hours, click on the same button to submit a ticket and our offline support team will respond.

Send us a text message Monday – Friday 9am to 9pm EST
English: 888-226-2141
Spanish: 866-735-3358

Login to Manage MyAccount

Make plan changes, pay your bill, update your credit card, order SIM cards, update your information and more!

Phone Guides & Tutorials

Interactive Device Support

After opening Device Support:

  1. Select phone manufacturer
  2. Select device model
  3. Main page with guides will load
  4. Search top left for your issue