Flash Wireless
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Device Approval Tool


Bring your own phone to the Nationwide Sprint 4G LTE Network!

Your device will generally be approved if it has met the following criteria:

Financial and contractual commitments meet with original carrier.

Device not reported as lost, stolen or fraudulently obtained.

Device has original ESN (serial number) as assigned by manufacturer.

Device operating system not altered or modified.

Approved as model that may be activated on the Sprint network.

If your device is capable of using multiple networks, please ensure that your device is unlocked. The compatibility check only validates your device is compatible with the network. It will not check if your device is unlocked. If you are unsure whether your device is unlocked please check with your current or previous service provider.

Warning: If your device is locked it will fail activation following the completion of your order and payment.

Flash Supported Devices

By January 2021, 3G and older 4G devices will no longer work properly on Flash Wireless.